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The Carter Presidency: Lessons for the 21st Century
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Conference Objectives

“The Carter Presidency: Lessons for the 21st Century” is a critical exploration of the major political challenges and dilemmas of the Carter presidency and how those experiences can be applied to the challenges our country—and the world—are facing today.

The conference aims to:

  • Facilitate a critical and balanced policy forum based on lessons learned from the Carter administration on such issues of contemporary relevance as the Middle East, human rights, Islamic fundamentalism, energy policy and inflation.
  • Reunite administration officials and the journalists who covered them on the 30th anniversary of President Carter’s inauguration and facilitate an exchange in an informal setting with a broad range of contemporary policymakers, journalists, scholars, students and the general public.
  • Provide a bipartisan dialogue on the administration’s successes and failures that is provocative, interactive and enlightening.
  • Offer a public forum for President and Mrs. Carter to answer questions from students and other participants at a Town Hall Meeting.

Who Should Attend

• Contemporary policymakers
• Carter administration alumni
• Graduate students
• General public
• Journalists
• Scholars
• Undergraduates

Why You Should Attend

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to participate in a dialogue with a Nobel Prize-winning U.S. President and First Lady Rosalynn Carter and to reflect on the 30th anniversary of President Carter’s inauguration with those who were there.

Make a difference in the world, in your career, and in yourself by:

  • Experience a critical, balanced and enlightening exploration of the key domestic and foreign policy decisions made by the Carter administration.
  • Learn from history and apply lessons from the past to the issues of the present.
  • Interact in informal settings with some of the nation’s leading policymakers, journalists and scholars.
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This website was developed in January 2007 by the UGA Office of Public Affairs for a conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Some links may not work and some information may be outdated. This website is maintained as a historical record of the event.


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